welcome to the Ecstatic awakening holiday gift guide

Here you can find...

 – Ecstatic Awakening eco luxury apparel: 
    Luxury suede yoga mats + the softest silk sleep & meditation masks
 – Breathwork & meditation bundles: 
    Bite sized yet potent inspiration upgrades for you to expand and connect to the truth, consciousness and limitlessness that you are...
 – Curated favorite products & courses 
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side effects may include:

Feeling bathed in inspiration.
Connection to your inner genius.
Deepened trust in life.
Access to: the next expanded version of you.
An undeniable desire to create awesomeness.

let's explore. . . 

ecstatic awakening

eco luxury apparel

Welcome to the best yoga mat you've ever had:
→ Luxurious soft vegan suede feel and finish.
→ Designed for ultimate grip (no more slide-y warrior pose).
→ Printed with eco friendly water based vegan ink.
→ Created with sustainable non-Amazonian eco rubber.
→ Ideal for yoga, meditation, body weight workouts and breathwork.
→ Designed by Ronja Sebastian

This is the ultimate yoga mat and has been aptly called:
    One mat to rule them all.
+ free US shipping

This is the softest thing to ever touch your face. 
Somewhere between a kitten and a cloud...

Perfect for meditation, breathwork, airplanes, traveling, 
and the deepest, most peaceful sleep.
Ecstatic Awakening Quantum Meditation & Sleep Silk Eye Mask
" t h e c l o u d "
→ 22 momme Mulberry Silk
→ Organic OEKO-TEX100 Certified
→ Adjustable headband
+ free US shipping

+ meditation bundles

the Evening meditation bundle
⫸ Welcome to your new nourishing evening ritual:
✓ Slow Down & Unwind for a Peaceful Night's Sleep
✓ The Digital Detox Evening Meditation
✓ The Cosmic Awareness Evening Meditation
the Deep Woman Breath + meditation bundle
✓ The Beach Ocean Breath Meditation + MicroCosmic Orbit
✓ The Jungle Breath Activation
✓ The Snow Meditation + Pineal Breath Activation
✓ The Mountain Meditation + Core Channel Breath
✓ The Quantum Self Cosmic Meditation + Breath
✓ The Golden Light Visualization
✓ Bonus practice: Connecting to Your Primal Woman by Nicole Nyima Costerus 
✓ Bonus practice: Receptive Breath & Activating Your Inner Omega Meridian by Londin Winters
✓ Deep Woman Snsual Alchemy Breathwork
✓ Deep Woman masterclass
→ High quality audio downloads of all Deep Woman Practices
+ bonus: the Evening Meditation Bundle
⫸ Welcome to your perfect "latte blend" of morning and evening practices.
the attraction + magnetism bundle

{ When women get *this* >> 
it's kind of like getting superpowers... 

... Or more accurately: 
Discovering that you had superpowers all along
and just didn't know it yet. }
Ecstatic Awakening Breathwork
for Accelerated Manifestation 
+ Bonus:

listen to a sample:
I had no idea my own breath could be this powerful. 
As I went deeper in the breathwork I felt myself release into the quantum field
and received a crystal clear download that I feel will uplevel my entire business. 
It felt like drugs, but better. 
I feel clear, lucid and tapped into a sense of relaxed invincibility.”
– Liam Turner, coach, USA
– Jess Ashley, Canada
So... the Breathwork for Manifestation went deeper than expected. 
Massive aha-moments, energetic release, and a path opened up that I hadn't seen before. 
I had to pause to write down all of the ideas that were coming, 
and right after I began creating. 
Since I started doing the manifestation breathwork and Limitless Meditation, the synchronicities in my life have definitely increased. I feel a sense of ease, flow and inner guidance that's deeper than anything I've previously experienced.”
Instant access to deep inner freedom

This guided meditation gives a direct experience of open awareness – aka the space before thought — that is always rested, at peace, open and free. 
Comes in 4 versions:
✓ 15 mins guided with silence
✓ 15 mins with theta brainwave music & sound healing
✓ 22 mins with theta brainwave music & sound healing
✓ 22 mins guided with silence