Self Love and Self Care Tips for the first day of your Moontime – with Ronja Sebastian & Shashi Solluna

Self Love and Self Care Tips for the first day of your Moontime – with Ronja Sebastian & Shashi Solluna 2017-04-10T13:15:45+01:00

Ride the Wave, Maximize Your Genius and End Emotional Struggle

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Mentioned in the video…

Eve Cup – menstrual cup
Young Living Oils (Use reference number 1141548 when you order.)
Shakti Mat – acupressure mat
Liver detox & strengthening herbs – for a healthy liver, balanced cycle and glowing skin:
Milk Thistle Seed, Chanca Piedra, Chicory Root, Dandelion Root, Organic Turmeric, Peppermint, Organic Yellow Dock Root.

(All of these can be tricky to find, so we put them all together for you here.)

Learn more about the wisdom of your cycle…

Dear woman,

How connected do you feel to your moon cycle? To the rhythm of your moon time – your period – yes…

But also to the cycles of the moon itself – which are present and affect us whether we’re in our period, perimenopause or menopause.

The moon affects our emotions, energy, mood, desires and behavior on quite a deep level.

In our culture there can be a strong emphasis on the linear, masculine go-go-go Anthony Robbins style of “improve every day!” and “be PRODUCTIVE every day!”.

While that might be a great motivational mantra for testosterone saturated males, for most (if not all) women, the idea that we should be ‘on it’ every single day is a surefire way to drive us to exhaustion.

What I have found in my life – and I think you can relate to this – is that feminine consistency is a myth.

Let me say that again: feminine consistency is… yes: a myth.

There is simply no such thing as sameness for us women, and even if we could learn to master that, it’s not how we’re wired. It’s not how we’re meant to live.

The feminine thrives in cycles, and when we learn to ride the wave of our natural rhythms rather than resist them, then we can tap into an inner well of unbounded energy, softness, power, creativity and passion.

How we lost connection

√ A way of living that is disconnected from nature

√ Light pollution that makes it harder to connect with the moon and the night sky

√ Birth control pills and hormonal treatments that artificially control our cycle

√ Shame, fear and judgements about women’s moon cycles (and bodies, fluids, emotions…) as something bad, dirty or unwanted.

√ An out-of-balance 12 months calendar (rather than the feminine calendar of 13 moons/13 months in one year)

– all of this has brought most women out of touch with our intimate connection with the moon.

Personally I didn’t grow up with this connection. It is something that I’ve learned in just these last few years, and I’ve seen a tremendous shift in my life and feeling of ‘being in the flow’ since I started honoring my cycle.

Prem Gitama (who also happens to be my first tantra teacher at 17!) says it very beautifully and to the point:

“Because a woman’s energy goes through different stages of energy during her moon cycle, it is sometimes not easy to let all these energies flow peacefully.

In daily activities, we have a tendency to control it, which creates tension and disturbance in a woman’s moon cycle.

Some are overactive in their menstruation when they would be better to rest, whereas some rest too much during ovulation, when they should be creative.”

In other words – when we push ourselves to be all high energy and active during our period/new moon, it leads to imbalance and tiredness during ovulation/full moon when we would otherwise be bursting with life!


Living with our rhythms

What I do to honor this flow is that I plan a lot of activities before and during my ovulation. I keep my schedule more empty and spacious in the days leading up to my period, and the first day of my period I cancel any appointments and hit pause on the to do list. 

(If I’m teaching a workshop that day I practice staying as soft, relaxed and ‘unclenched’ as I possibly can, and don’t expend any extra energy + make sure I get some alone time and rest.)

This day is my mini holiday and I spend it tuning in, turning inwards, downwards towards the Earth. I dance from my hips, or sit spiraling while humming into my womb.

I maximize the benefits of my inner genius, by using this introverted time to gather inspiration, inner knowing and clear vision – that I then act on in the more active phase of waxing moon and ovulation.

I rotate from my pelvis and do grounding and hip opening yoga postures like badhakonasana and malasana.

I rest on the Shakti mat and breathe deeply. If I am at home then I also do a moon blood meditation… (full instructions further down below)

And I have found that just giving myself this one day of rest and rejuvenation gives me so much more energy, harmony and balance for the entire rest of the month!

The Moon Cycle at a glance…

New moon corresponds to winter and is a time of stillness. This is a new beginning and the best time to start fresh, set new goals and clear intentions.

The time leading up to full moon (spring) is the time for inspired action steps, decisions and creation.

Full moon (hot summer) is the time of full fruition of your project/article/assignment/blog post/eco village/world domination strategy. Signed, sealed, delivered ;)

This is also a time to party, as it is usually quite difficult to sleep anyway…

During the waning (autumn) of the moon it’s time to celebrate and feel grateful for what has been created…

Followed by reflection, release, forgiveness and letting go.

And again… new moon is the time for surrender, rest and rejuvenation. Refilling yourself with NEW inspiration. And then a new beginning…

>> Looking at these different phases you might understand why, for example, if you’ve ever tried setting a lot of new things in motion during the waning of the moon and it felt like you had to fight with yourself, with life, or just put in a lot of effort with very little results…

… Whereas at other times you’re able to get things done with joy, power and ease!

This is the quality of flowing downstream – or fighting upstream.

As Abraham-Hicks say:

“Manifestation doesn’t take time, what it takes is alignment.”

So especially if you have your own company and set your own work schedule, I warmly encourage you to begin to make use of the different phases of your moon time for effortless flow and great entrepreneurial success! :)


How to use your Moon Calendar

There are a few different ways (and you might come up with more) that you can tune into your cycle:


1. Know your moon time

Mark the first day + other days of your period by filling in the white numbers of the dates with a red pen. Begin with your most recent period if you can remember.

Throughout the month, pay attention to your energy level, emotional tone, desire to be alone or spend time with many people etc. Develop a sensitive ‘listening’ to the inner guide of your cycle.

Many women who do this – simply by being aware of how their cycle is aligned with the moon phases – find that their bleeding days gradually synch up with the new moon and their ovulation with the full moon.


2. Align your workflow

Another reason for tracking your cycle is to begin to get a map of your month; when is the best time to schedule different projects, events etc.

(Fun fact: when we had the Samasati drop in evenings, then we consistently had about the double amount of women attending around full moon, compared to new moon – when lots of women would cancel last minute because of tiredness, things coming in between etc. A good thing to know when you’re planning an event or big party!)

Again, if you’re a entrepreneur then you have a golden opportunity to harmonize your work schedule with your cycle.

If this is new for you, then it might take some time to adjust, but even small changes can make a big difference.


3. Block out Goddess time

Plan empty days around your period, or around new moon if you’re not bleeding. Leave them as blank as you can, and take time for massage, sauna, spa time (easy to create at home), reading, dancing, or anything that feels loving and nourishing for you.

Trust that the time spent recharging in this way will come back to you in terms of more abundant energy for the rest of the month.

If you have a family and/or partner, let them know that you’re practicing living more in tune with your cycle, and that you’re grateful if they can support you in living in this way. This will also make you much happier, more energized and alive as a mother/lover/woman.



Moon Blood Meditation of Letting Go

Resting-GoddessCreate a space where you can be by yourself. Wear a red or black dress, preferably without any underwear. Do not wear a mooncup or tampon. Place a piece of folded dark fabric on the floor.

The menstrual flow doesn’t drip out continuously, but comes in rushes, ‘little floods’, with pauses in between.

In between the little floods you can rest, dance, sing, meditate… Feel into your needs and follow the impulses of you body.

When you feel that blood is about to flow out of you, go and squat down above the fabric. With the outflow of blood, say out loud: “I let go of tension” / “I let go of jealousy” / “I let go of…” whatever that might be for you; any energies or thoughts that are not serving you any more.

If you have the opportunity to be out in nature that’s even better. It’s beautiful to give your blood as nourishment to the Earth.

The moon and you

Apps for Easy Period Tracking

There are a tonne of different moon/period apps out there.

Some are amazing, some not even worth downloading.

A good app should have most of these features:

√ See your cycle progress
√ Fertility tracker
√ Add notes for each cycle for tracking moods or symptoms
√ Know the moon phase at start, middle and end of the cycle
√ Know expected next start date and following start dates
√ Possibility to note your moods, feelings and insights
√ Guided meditations

These are my favorite period apps (for iPad/iPhone):

OurCycles Period and Full Moon Diary


The Moon and You


Essential Oils & Crystals for different parts of your cycle

Moon Essential Oils

I Love My Moon Cycle Manifesto – by Sara Avant Stover

Print it out and hang on your wall… :)


Right click and ‘Save as’ to download.

Now I would love to hear from you… How are you living with your rhythms? What have you noticed about your energetic cycle? What works and what doesn’t? In what way do you or don’t you honor your cyclical nature?

Any other practices, insights or tips you want to share?
Love, moonlight, grace and gratitude,
Ronja Sebastian