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Dear amazing woman,

What is your deepest longing?


Why are you here on this Earth?

What have you come here for?


Are you ready to live it?


Can you feel the presence of the big She that is wanting to live through you?


The uncompromised, hair-let-down fullness of who you are.


In your most relaxed, fluid, open YOU.


Moving through life with acceptance, love and (dare I say it?) adoration of who you are as a woman.


Deeply in touch with what your unique gifts are… as a woman, friend, sister, lover…


Not just dreaming of deep love, but living it as an embodied reality.


Because life is too short to settle for less. The calling is too strong to stay closed down.

The invitation is too exhilarating and the possibilities too compelling not to open to them.




Welcome to a juicy women’s night + 1 day workshop

at the beautiful Yoga Utrecht…


√ Dance, meditation, breath and love…
√ Massage, connection and down to earth sisterhood…
√ Tantric Taoist practices to awaken and sublimate sexual energy…
√ … and of course: the best raw chocolate you’ve ever tasted (promise).

This is an intro experience for the upcoming Samasati Women’s Temple
Deepening Booty Camp, beginning in October 2015.

However, already by attending these 2 intros, you’ll experience release, rejuvenation and orgasmic opening…
– plus receive practices to take home, that will serve you for life.

** For everyone who attends this workshop:

You’ll also receive a free month of the Sensual Yogini Online Academy for Women
so that you can deepen the experience even after the workshop (value $49).

How awesome is that? ;) 


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The Sensual Awakening Intro Experience

Friday 28 August 19:00-22:30

Saturday 29 August 13:00-21:00


Yoga Utrecht

Oudegracht 399 a/d werf, in central Utrecht (NL)

Price: €100

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What do other women say? Scroll down to find out…


Some responses from the Samasati Women’s Temple
Deepening Booty Camp 2014:

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Kinga's testimonials Samasati Women's Temple

Samasat Women's Temple Booty Camp testimonial 2014 1


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About Ronja

Ronja Sebastian is a Tantra teacher, intuitive massage practitioner, women’s temple group leader and breath coach.
Born in Sweden, lived in London and Holland, and is deeply in love with joyful world traveling…

She has trained with Chameli Ardagh – founder of the Awakening Women Institute – as well as done extensive training for Charlotte Ramya Norell since 2004.

In the last few years she has also been assisting Ramya in her Shakti Delight and Woman and Goddess Retreats, and the Women’s Way Year Program.

Ronja has studied Tantra with various teachers across the world over the past decade and is a part of the core team for

In 2006-2009 she earned a Bachelor degree in contemporary dance, choreography and classical Indian dance from Laban Conservatoire of Contemporary Dance in London.

She has danced with the Akram Khan Company (London), Company Decalage (London) and Diversity Dance Company (Leeds), and has been a student of Kathak guru Sri Pratap Pawar. She has performed and taught classical Indian dance and Bollywood dance in London, Sweden and India.

In March 2013 she completed level 1-4a as a Transformational Breath™ facilitator, at the Sanctuary on Koh Phangan, Thailand.

In Bali 2014 she became certified as a Universal Tao Sacred Femininity Instructor, through the school of Mantak Chia, and trained by Tao Tantric Arts founder Shashi Solluna.

Ronja is also a graduate of Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot B-school™ – the world’s foremost online business school for women.


Ronja leads the Samasati Women’s Temple in the Netherlands – first co-founded in Sweden with Helen Öman in 2010 – as a way to bring women in a more intimate connection with their feminine essence, and to become radiant, sensually embodied women living life to the fullest.

Together with Roald Penning she co-founded Tantric Living in 2011 – sharing essential keys to sexual healing, deeper states of orgasm, powerful breathwork and sexual vitality.

With her beloved husband, Toby Sebastian, Ronja is exploring the depths of love and intimacy in a sacred, devoted relationship.

Other inspirations include: Abraham-Hicks, David Deida, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Peruquois Frances, Marianne Williamson, Osho and Rumi.

Ronja in waterfall
Ronja Split in Balboa park, San Diego
Ronja & Toby

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New here?…

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Hi beautiful you,

My name is Ronja Sebastian – Tantra teacher, international workshop leader, amazing massage practitioner and co-founder of Tantric Living and Samasati Women's Temple.

My passion is to guide and inspire you to live a joyful life - where productive workflow is balanced with LOVE, ENJOYMENT and pleasure! 

Live your dream. LOVE deeply.
Be. YOU. Limitless.

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