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You are invited to join a beautiful experience of the Art of Tantric Massage.
In this two day workshop you’ll learn techniques to give a Tantric Massage session and yoni/lingam massage, to be used as a basis for giving sessions and/or as a sensual and healing experience for a lover.
I give away all my best tips + live demo, guided practice time and (yep, you guessed it) raw chocolate of course.
Warmly welcome to this safe, sacred and sensual masterclass…

A tantric massage can be very soft, healing and tender – or fiery, activating and passionate.

It can be calm and serene, or orgasmic and opening.

It can involve touch with hands, body gliding, and other sensual stimuli such as fabrics, feathers, food…

If the focus is more therapeutic it can also include breathwork and deep trigger point massage to release tension and trauma.

(Note that in this workshop we won’t go too deep into the more advanced therapeutic implications, as that would require a longer training in breathwork and trauma healing. Instead…)

This masterclass will be focused on healing and pleasure – and you’ll be able to combine this with whatever healing modalities you already know.

You’ll also get guidance on how to give a Magical Massage
– including knowledge about energy pathways, Kundalini energy,
do’s and don’t’s, desire and integrity, orgasmic energy sublimation…
+ time for your questions of course!

Come with a partner (lover or friend), preferably of the opposite sex.

If you’d rather be for example two women together, then let me know and we’ll make it work that way too!

(You’ll receive a demo that you can use with someone of the opposite sex anyhow.)

Tantric massage
Tantric Embrace

Q: Exactly how intimate will this workshop be? 

Depending on whether you attend the workshop with your lover or with a friend, you can choose how intimate you make the touch. There will be no pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. You’ll see intimate techniques being demonstrated, and when you give/receive you can choose what you want to incorporate in your massage exchange.

Q: Do I need any previous massage training for this? 

Nope. You’re welcome with or without previous massage experience. If you do have an education in massage therapy, reiki, shiatsu, bodywork etc, you’ll be able to combine that with the techniques you learn in this Tantric Massage Masterclass.

Important note: You do need some kind of previous experience of either Tantra, Qigong, Yoga or similar to join this workshop – and the ability to stay in integrity with yourself and respect for the group. If in doubt, please contact me at [email protected].

Q: What if I don’t have a partner?

Ask your friends! :) And if that doesn’t work, contact me and there might be others who are looking for partners too. Spontaneous matchmaking is always fun!…

Q: What if I can’t make it this time? Will there be more dates?

If you want to come to Europe, yes. But right now this is the only time this masterclass is offered in Australia. (Go here to sign up for the email list and you’ll be notified if any more dates are planned.)


Tantric Massage is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever have in this life.
Warmly, warmly welcome!

The Program

Day 1: Tuesday 7 March 10 am – 6pm

Opening circle
Intro, expectations, guidelines

Sexual Vitality Qigong – warm up & awakening energy

1,5 hour tantric massage demo for Men
– including Body Gliding and Lingam Massage

2 h massage ritual  / practice time – Women give, Men receive
(Ronja will hold the space, and be available for personal guidance during the massage)

Relaxation, integration sharing

Day 2: Wednesday 8 March 10 am – 6pm

Sexual Vitality Qigong – warm up & awakening energy

Yescercise and “Sunday afternoon energizer”

1,5 hour tantric massage demo for Women
– including Taoist Sensual Breast Massage, Yoni Massage and basic Yoni Release (vaginal de-armoring)
I’ll also share the best technique for G-spot orgasm, also known as squirting or female ejaculation

2 h massage – Men give, Women receive
(Ronja will hold the space, and be available for personal guidance during the massage)

Raw chocolate & fresh fruits…

Ending circle & sharing…

Ronja, thank you so much for this beautiful masterclass! 

You are so soft, open and full of love. I felt safe, held and cared for.

This created a place for me to open up, to explore, to let go of things… and now afterwards, I feel buzzing, tingling and can feel my partner so much deeper.

The Qigong we did as a preparation was wonderful, and the way you gave this masterclass is beautiful.


Alma, NL

I absolutely loved the Massage Masterclass. As a Tantric masseur, I have participated in many courses and workshops, and I consider this Masterclass as the best I’ve ever attended.

Ronja is very clear in the way she explains techniques, and creates a wonderful quiet and safe atmosphere.

She is very open and makes even the most intimate parts of the massage feel natural. I have learned several new techniques, which I will certainly use in my own practice.

I recommend this workshop to both professional masseurs and lovers.

– Reinier, Amsterdam – www.lovinghands.nl

Dates + Times:

Tuesday 7 & Wednesday 8 March 2017, 10 am – 6pm


Private location, Byron Bay, Australia


USD$222 per person = USD$444 per couple

Including raw chocolate elixir, fresh fruits & organic tea

* Limited number of spaces available and tends to sell out, please book early to avoid disappointment

Warmly welcome! Ronja Sebastian signature

About Ronja

Ronja Sebastian, from Sweden, is a Tantric Embodiment & Sensual Awakening teacher.
She is a Transformational Breath coach, professional dancer, creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat and founder of of the Sensual Yogini Online Academy for Women. She shares her embodied wisdom in courses, retreats and sessions around the globe.
More info:
Trained with David Deida, Shashi Solluna, and Chameli Ardagh/ The Awakening Women Institute – and has taught alongside Ramya Norell in many retreats since 2010.
Studied Tantra with various teachers across the world over the past 13 years and is a part of the core team for LiveTantra.com
In 2006-2009 she earned a Bachelor degree in contemporary dance, choreography and classical Indian dance from Laban Conservatoire of Contemporary Dance in London.
She has danced with the Akram Khan Company (London), Company Decalage (London) and Diversity Dance Company (Leeds), and has been a student of Kathak guru Sri Pratap Pawar. She has performed and taught classical Indian dance and Bollywood dance in London, Sweden and India.
In March 2013 she completed level 1-4a as a Transformational Breath™ facilitator, at the Sanctuary on Koh Phangan, Thailand.
In Bali 2014 Ronja became certified as a Universal Tao Sacred Femininity Instructor, through the school of Mantak Chia.

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