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A Succulent Journey Into Feminine Embodiment and Sensual Awakening


Dear amazing woman,Shining bow

What is your deepest longing?


Why are you here on this Earth?

What have you come here for?


Are you ready to live it?


Can you feel the presence of the big She that is wanting to live through you?


The uncompromised, hair-let-down fullness of who you are.


In your most relaxed, fluid, open YOU.


Moving through life with acceptance, love and (dare I say it?) adoration of who you are as a woman.


Deeply in touch with what your unique gifts are… as a woman, friend, sister, lover…


Not just dreaming of deep love, but living it as an embodied reality.


Because life is too short to settle for less. The calling is too strong to stay closed down.

The invitation is too exhilarating and the possibilities too compelling not to open to them.




After a sold-out course in 2013 and 2014…

October 2015 the next Samasati Women’s Temple
Deepening Booty Camp begins…

Deeper and better than ever

Women's potluck Samasati


Welcome to the Samasati Women’s Temple Deepening Booty Camp.

7 weekends – 1 year.

This is a journey through feminine embodiment and sensual awakening, with practices in surrender, receptivity, guilt free pleasures and being the big version of the She that is living in you.

You’ll be learning relationship skills, intuition boosters and more…

The topics and practices selected have been born out of what I have found to be the most powerful, essential and enjoyable to live as a sensually embodied woman.

This includes:

  • Feminine embodiment and awakening our senses
  • Surrender and softness – and why this is a sign of strength, not weakness
  • The art of reporting the front line of your emotions in a way that men can actually hear, without withdrawing or feeling blamed
  • How to trust your intuition (hint: this works differently in different women)
  • Relationship skills: Masculine & Feminine polarity and the art of direction, flow, trust, presence, radiance, stillness, dance…
  • If you’re single: attract the deep love and partner you’re longing for and deserve
  • If you’re in a relationship: how to live in intimacy without divorcing yourself ;)
  • Creating nourishing relationships
  • Healing through feminine touch
  • Sexual Vitality Qigong – to awaken sexual energy and learn the art of sublimation
  • Tantric practices for women
  • The difference between drama and authentic emotion (and how to transform the former into the latter)
  • The 3 Stages of Womanhood – and how to open into the 3rd Stage
  • Trusting and feeling your receptivity
  • Fun, enjoyment and guilt-free pleasures(what would a women’s night be without raw chocolate?)


And new for this year:

  • Seeing through the illusory personality and awakening to the real you
  • Methods of manifestation – if you can dream it, you can have it
  • Goal setting – the Feminine way (you’ll love this one)
  • How to get clear, productive and creative – in a way that honors your nature
  • Tap into your inner genius…


These principles and practices have allowed me to go from being tense, fearful and closed down, to open, sensual and deeply receptive for pleasure.

For most of my life I was struggling with myself, with relationships (or the lack of them) and I was convinced that no one would ever be attracted to me, let alone want to be in a relationship with me.

Through understanding and embodying certain principles I suddenly attracted more men than I could handle. It was stunningly simple.

And before you ask: no, it wasn’t just any men, but the deep, loving, present ones that women usually envision when they ask the question “do these men actually exist??”

(And if that’s your question, then the answer is: yes they absolutely do. And in the Booty Camp I’ll share with you how to attract them. Or invoke those qualities in the man you’re already with.)

This. Stuff. Works.

I’ll also share with you about what sex, flow and energy has to do with money – and how to create relaxed success on your terms.

One important caveat though:

When I say stunningly simple I don’t necessarily mean easy. Only sign up for this course if your longing is strong enough to carry you through. It definitely takes trust, courage and a willingness to free fall…

But, as Rumi said…



Reveal love

Love melts






Yogini on beach


The way of love is not a subtle argument.

The door there is devastation.

Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.

How do they do it?

They fall.

And in falling, they are given wings…

– Rumi

About Samasati

Samasati means “remember who you are”.
The Women’s Temple is a place to re-connect to your own innate power, in community with other women.
Far from comparison and competition we meet to explore what it is to be a woman.
We’ll inspire, empower and celebrate each other and our radiant life force.
Through dancing, loving touch, meditation, massage, body practices and conscious conversations we explore all the different flavors of the feminine.
From the motherly, sweet and innocent – to the slut, the warrior and the fierce feminine. So that we can live the full spectrum of power, wisdom, embodied presence, mystique, beauty and Love.
Like a warm bath that dissolves our layers of closure so that our true light can shine…

So dear one, would you like to have a taster?

Click play to see the beauty, bliss and connection…

And as you’re watching… allow your shoulders to relax downwards, let your breath flow full and deep…

THIS is our true nature.




“An Awakening Woman is a spiritual rebellion engaged in a glowing and embodied, nothing-heldback love affair with the great mystery. She moves in the world with fierce compassion, grace and freedom, and is passionate about truth, rest & real love.

She is fluent in angelic, diva and in Kali roars.

Earth is home and so is infinity. Let’s do it together”

– Chameli Ardagh

In this course, you’ll also have the golden opportunity to enjoy the support of the sisterhood that comes from traveling this journey together with the same group of women.

Perhaps you’ve joined other open women’s circles or Samasati when it was still one off drop-in evenings?

The reason why Samasati is a closed group, is that the trust, love, safety and connection that is created in a closed group is just incomparable to what can happen when we have to ‘start over’ every time and only have one evening to share.

A closed circle provides a ground for sustainable transformation – not just changes of mood and then you go back to normal. (And although YOU can definitely find ways to take your practice into your life, there’s no continuity with women coming and going.)

As the name implies, in the Samasati Deepening we can go sooo much deeper and further with each other. Deeper trust, deeper feeling, deeper commitment, deeper enjoyment. I’m thrilled and excited to begin…


What do the Booty Camp Graduates say?…

Click to watch (select 720p for HD quality):



The Practical Details:


3-4 October 2015 – SWTDBC Weekend 1

28-29 November 2015 – SWTDBC Weekend 2

23-24 January 2016 – SWTDBC Weekend 3

21-22 May 2016 – SWTDBC Weekend 4

2-4 September 2016 – SWTDBC Weekend 5 (3 day retreat!)


+ 2 Bonus workshops

together with a select group of conscious men

– lead by Ronja Sebastian & Ryan D Brown

19-20 March & 9-10 July 2016


Ryan & Ronja 3

Times for all weekends (except the 3 day retreat): Saturday 13:00-20:00 & Sunday 13:00-18:00,

including tea and the best raw chocolate you’ve ever tasted (promise).

Facebook eventclick here

Bentinho Massaro about Ryan D Brown:

If you want to integrate my teachings into your own practical every-day life, I highly recommend making use of the skills, and depth of experience that my main facilitator and close friend, Ryan Brown offers.

He was already an awesomely awake being when I first met him 3 years ago, but has ever since soaked himself in my teachings which he says is now his preferred paradigm of seeing and experiencing the world, understanding himself, and the main practice by which he continues to expand upon his own Consciousness.

Aside from being fearlessly open and willing to ever-more continue his own expansion, he is very good at meeting people wherever they are at on the journey and understanding from personal experience what they are going through and what they might want to accelerate into next, and how to do it most efficiently.

He has a lot of first-hand experience with all kinds of spiritual (and human) backgrounds as well as with my practicing my teachings over the past 3 years, and as such has an unparalleled ability to rephrase and clarify my teachings to people from all walks of life, without deviating much, if at all, from the concepts that I teach. The results, as those who have worked with him one on one within the context of my teachings can attest to, have always been way beyond what was expected.

– Bentinho Massaro

More about Ryan:

Ryan has spent the last two decades exploring Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and mystic communities throughout the US and abroad, looking past the dogma and connecting to the thread that weaves through them all.

During 12 years of continuous travel, he was largely living a monastic lifestyle steeped in meditation, nature, and inner landscape explorations/awakenings.

Upon his return to the US, Ryan incorporated this inner orientation with the relational aspects of life. He owned a successful marketing company before moving to Boulder, where he worked and facilitated for organizations in the realms of “authentic relating” and present-moment relational practice.

He now serves Bentinho’s community full-time through private sessions and facilitation at retreats and within the Trinfinity Academy.

We are super happy to have Ryan come in and bring his skills and expertise into the Samasati Women’s Temple Deepening Booty Camp! 

Ryan D Brown


In addition to the 5 Booty Camp Weekends + 2 Bonus Weekends
you will also receive these gifts:

  • Daily ‘home play embodiment practices’ of 5-10 min
  • Samasati Note Book
  • Samasati secret facebook group
  • Tracking your moon cycle – energy levels, sex drive, creativity, workflow – for optimal living
  • Yogini sister support with one other woman throughout the course
  • Webinar in between each weekend – like a virtual girl’s night – with bonus teachings, Q&A and sharing (will be recorded)
  • Plus free VIP access to the Sensual Yogini Online Academy for Women: with webinars and practices including ‘Pussy Power Yoni Yoga workout’, ‘Taoist Breast Massage’, ‘Tantric Orgasmic Breath practice’‘Sexual Vitality Qigong’ and much more – normally $49 per month = yours for free for 12 months ($588 value)


Imagine being a part of an empowered sisterhood.

Imagine living every day aligned and inspired.

Imagine feeling clear about your life’s purpose and how to live it.

Imagine feeling deeply fulfilled in love, sex and intimacy.

Imagine even being ok with feeling sad, angry or vulnerable. :)

Imagine a life you absolutely love.

Imagine feeling relaxed and f***ing happy being YOU!



The Booty Camp is open for 20 women and the prices are…

Pay everything at once:

Regular price: €1500 when you pay by 1 October 2015.

Early bird: Book and pay by 28 August 2015 and save €250 = one payment of €1250

Pay in 4 installments:

Early bird payment plan: 4x €350. 1st payment before 28 August 2015, and then every 60 days from there.

Regular price payment plan: 4x €400. 1st payment before 1 October 2015, and then every 60 days from there.

Extra costs will come for food and lodging for the final retreat 2-4 September 2016. (Exact location yet to be confirmed, but as a guideline around €200-300).

The previous 2 programs were fully booked with a waiting list, so sign up early to guarantee your place.


  • Application is binding and non-refundable, but fully transferable. Meaning, that if you’ve signed up and then are unable to attend, you can transfer your place to a friend.
  • Do you want an invoice for your company? Email me with your company details incl. VAT/btw number, and I will send you your invoice back.


Location: Yoga Utrecht – Oudegracht 399 a/d werf, a beautiful temple space in central Utrecht

Sign up right here below…

Not sure if this is right for you? If you have any questions or concerns, you’re always welcome to connect with me at [email protected]

With love,

Ronja Sebastian

Ronja Sebastian



About Ronja


Ronja Sebastian is a Tantra teacher, intuitive massage practitioner, women’s temple group leader and breath coach.
Born in Sweden, lived in London and Holland, and is deeply in love with joyful world traveling…

She has trained with Chameli Ardagh – founder of the Awakening Women Institute – as well as done extensive training for Charlotte Ramya Norell since 2004.

In the last few years she has also been assisting Ramya in her Shakti Delight and Woman and Goddess Retreats, and the Women’s Way Year Program.

Ronja has studied Tantra with various teachers across the world over the past decade and is a part of the core team for

In 2006-2009 she earned a Bachelor degree in contemporary dance, choreography and classical Indian dance from Laban Conservatoire of Contemporary Dance in London.

She has danced with the Akram Khan Company (London), Company Decalage (London) and Diversity Dance Company (Leeds), and has been a student of Kathak guru Sri Pratap Pawar. She has performed and taught classical Indian dance and Bollywood dance in London, Sweden and India.

In March 2013 she completed level 1-4a as a Transformational Breath™ facilitator, at the Sanctuary on Koh Phangan, Thailand.

In Bali 2014 she became certified as a Universal Tao Sacred Femininity Instructor, through the school of Mantak Chia, and trained by Tao Tantric Arts founder Shashi Solluna.

Ronja is also a graduate of Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot B-school™ – the world’s foremost online business school for women.


Ronja leads the Samasati Women’s Temple in the Netherlands – first co-founded in Sweden with Helen Öman in 2010 – as a way to bring women in a more intimate connection with their feminine essence, and to become radiant, sensually embodied women living life to the fullest.

Together with Roald Penning she co-founded Tantric Living in 2011 – sharing essential keys to sexual healing, deeper states of orgasm, powerful breathwork and sexual vitality.

With her beloved husband, Toby Sebastian, Ronja is exploring the depths of love and intimacy in a sacred, devoted relationship.

Update: this marriage has now dissolved and transitioned into loving friendship. Same love, different form. (For more details on this, please see blog posts on this site around September 2015.)

Other inspirations include: Bentinho Massaro, Adyashanti, Tiger Alan Watts, Abraham-Hicks,Kris Carr, David Deida, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Peruquois Frances, Marianne Williamson, Osho and Rumi.
Ronja in waterfall
Ronja Sebastian



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Deepening Booty Camp 2014:

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