The Embodied Enlightenment Experience

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Embodied Enlightenment

– with Toby & Ronja Sebastian

Saturday 15 November 17-22:00 at Yoga Point, Utrecht
[blockquote cite=”– Toby Sebastian”]Living always for the next thing, you will miss the whole life.
If you can’t find it now, what makes you think it will be found elsewhere?
This quiet, radiant moment, is all that you ever dreamt of.[/blockquote]

Live authentically.

Love deeply.

Be YOU. Naturally.


Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


But how many people do you know who really live in natural freedom?

And perhaps, more importantly: are you one of them?


If you’re like most people you have dreams and visions…

… a longing for real love, true freedom, and deep peace

… an intuition of life’s potential – but a separation from it…



So what is stopping you from living this?


The society? The government?

Your fucked up childhood and crazy parents?

Lack of knowledge and understanding?…


Our guess is that you’re already knowledgeable, already intelligent,

and already experienced in some form of spiritual practice.



So what is stopping you?…


Limiting beliefs.

That’s it.


So, what and who would you be without limitation…?


Beyond the clenchfist of the ego and the confines of the mind

is a place of deep stillness, infinite possibilities and natural bliss.


No matter the circumstances.


To live this, you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be more good looking, and you certainly don’t have to learn anything new.


This is the great undoing…


The great letting go of anything that isn’t – and never was – authentically you.


Right now is the present, and here, right now you are perfect,

Life is always open.

When we reject something, we draw a line in existence, and we cut openness in half.

This is separation.

Yet, we are already whole, already divine.



When we allow all that we feel, we enter into deep harmony with ourselves.


When we live deeply in harmony with ourselves, we are not separated from existence.

To merge with all existence is the greatest union, the true yoga.


This intensive will be a new way of Satsang, where the freedom and bliss of your true nature will be released in a dynamic process:

… Qigong practices to open and increase the flow in body, heart and mind

Shaking and Dance to awaken repressed energy and celebrate

Breathing and Catharsis for emotional release and uncensored expression

Meditation and Enquiry to direct the attention into seeing…



And while we can’t guarantee Enlightenment in 5 hours ;)

we can guarantee that this has come to you

with perfect timing

and as the perfect catalyst

for whatever you need right now.

This is the way to living freedom… letting go…
until the boundaries are so thin that they have no hold in life.

All until the heart is resting in the infinite.

This boundless life is called Enlightenment.
It is freedom. It is glorious, and yet it is simply your natural state. 


Ronja & Toby Sebastian by Bibbie Friman



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to listen in on one of our many midnight conversations,
in which Toby shares about how the Masculine & Feminine Awakening
can come together for a full Embodied Enlightenment…

With many thanks to BBC worldwide, PVPlabeltv, and Diwan Videos for the beautiful footage of Planet Earth.


What is “Shaking”?

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Your guides:

Toby & Ronja Sebastian

Toby Sebastian is an enlightened man from England. He teaches worldwide, sharing the awakening that he has found to be the end of the spiritual path, and his joy and curiosity into life.

Ronja Sebastian, from Sweden, is a Tantric Embodiment & Sensual Awakening teacher. She shares her embodied wisdom in courses, retreats and sessions around the globe.

Together Toby & Ronja are exploring the depths and heights of sacred intimacy in a loving, devoted partnership.[divider_padding]


Toby & Ronja Sebastian


Practical stuff:


Times: Saturday 15 November 17-22:00

Location: Yoga Point, Oudegracht 44 in central Utrecht

Price: €40


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Toby & Ronja Sebastian