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Sensual Yogini Live Weekend

– Orgasmic Bliss for Urban Goddesses

1-3 June 2018, Amsterdam, NL

::Warmly welcome to a 3 day Private Live Immersion::
A Deep Dive Into Pleasure Practices and Sensual Skills for Women

Yoni Yoga, Massage, Breath, Chocolate and a sacred space to let go and relax…

In this luxurious weekend you’ll learn:

The Art of Feminine Yoga – moving energy through your body as an expression of love, devotion, power and surrender

√ Sexual Vitality Qigong – Activate, Sublimate & Circulate Sexual Energy

√ How to have an Energy Breath Orgasm (yep, it’s possible not only possible, but easy)

√ The Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout – for a soft, strong and supple pussy + sublime sexual pleasure (this one eats regular kegels for breakfast ;) 

√ The Inner Ripple Effect – a pleasurable upgrade for your intimate muscles

√ The Taoist Sensual Breast Massage – for healthy, happy, firm and orgasmic breasts

Opening the Diamond Pathway – beautiful secret energy pathway in your body

Yoni Egg Practice for grounded embodiment, nuanced pleasure, and deep connection with your sexual temple

We’ll also explore…

Freeing up your emotional and energetic system so that life can flow through effortlessly
Luxurious Massage Experience
Awakening to the Awareness that is unbound, free and limitless – beyond emotional ups and downs
The Body as a Portal Into Infinite Space
And of course… delicious raw chocolate… (what would a women’s  weekend be without it? ;)

This is for you if you want to…

Take your energetic embodiment to the next level
Become a [much] better lover
Be more magnetic to [the right kind of] men
Awaken your natural sensual energy
Increase your radiance, balance and relaxed empowerment
Tap into deeper orgasmic experiences
Nourish your body temple
Heal through gentleness rather than pushing or trying
Learn the Inner Ripple Effect… (you + your lovers can thank me later)

This is NOT for you if…

… you hate dance, massage and chocolate :)

… you like to complain, blame circumstances or hold onto victimhood for longer than necessary.

… you are presently working through major sexual or emotional trauma (better to come for a 1-on-1 session instead, where you can have all of the safety and personal healing space that you need).

▷ ▷ This is the only Women’s Immersion in the Netherlands in 2018. Next women’s events will take place 28 June – 4 July in Spain, and spring 2019 in Bali.

Your Guide – Ronja Sebastian

Ronja Sebastian is a Sensual Awakening & Feminine Embodiment expert from Sweden, and founder of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, the Abundant Passionpreneur Program and the Sensual Yogini Online Academy for Women.
She is a certified Tao Tantric Arts teacher of Tantra & Qigong,
Transformational Breath Facilitator, Men’s Sexual Mastery Coach, Massage Therapist, professional dancer, yogini and passionate world traveller.
She has been immersed in Tantric & Taoist Practices since she was 17, including trainings with David Deida, Chameli Ardagh / Awakening Women Institute, Shashi Solluna, Ma Prem Sarita / Tantra Essence, Layla Martin, Wild Tantra, Ramya Norell, Barbara Carrellas / Urban Tantra, and many more.
Ronja facilitates women’s workshops and Ecstatic Awakening Retreats around the world, often collaborating with DJ’s, musicians and other creatives. She is also a part of the core team for – the world’s leading online Tantra platform.
Currently she’s sharing/teaching about how to wake up to our true nature as pure Awareness/Presence/Consciousness – and how to integrate that into the human experience of emotions and relationships – so that we can open to deep love while living in a state of freedom no matter the circumstances…

Watch a taster for a feeling of Ronja’s vibe…

Aight, sexy goddess…

Let’s dive in!

 Dates & Times:

 Friday 1 June 2018 18:00-21:30
Saturday 2 June 2018 9:30-17:30
Sunday 3 June 2018 9:30-17:30


495 for the full 3 Day Private Immersion

Including mouthwatering Vegetarian Lunch + tea & Raw Chocolate

2 week Crazy bird: €100 discount with code LETSDOIT when you book by 1 April 2018

1 Month Early bird: €50 discount with code SENSUALBLISS when you book by 1 May 2018

Space for max 28 women.


Centrum De Roos

P.C. Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW Amsterdam, NL

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