June 2015

What to do when you feel stuck, tired, uninspired and don’t feel like doing ANYTHING


Yesterday I felt about as energized as a sleepy sloth.

Tried getting some things done, but it felt totally uphill-y and un-flow-y. Pointless and pushy.

I just wasn’t feeling it, so I thought “fugghettaboutit! This is not the way to go”.

If you’re a creative human […]

May 2015

3 Happiness Boosting Productivity Tips
from Tim Ferriss + a quickie from me :)


Hey party girl,

Yes you, passionate entrepreneur (or perhaps just hobby time creative?).

Let’s be honest about something…

If you work for yourself it is so eeeasy to get stuck in front of the computer for too dang long – and just not […]

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October 2014

The Love-Whatever-Arises approach – the effortless path to loving the sh*it out of your ego

Photo by Bibbie Friman

I’ve been feeling the truth of this quite strongly lately.

Truth, meaning: not necessarily true in the absolute sense, but





In the field of personal development, the endless project of personal […]

September 2014

Self Love Superpowers with Ronja Venus & Layla Martin


Self love

Ahh… Does the word evoke joy?… happy buzzing?… indifference?… or disgust?

And, more importantly: do you love yourself?

Of course, the truly enlightened would probably claim that “there is no such thing as the Self”. And thus no need for self love.

But for […]

May 2014

You are so much more orgasmic than you think




noun \ˈȯr-ˌga-zəm\

Intense or paroxysmal excitement; especially :  an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female.

“Paroxysmal excitement”? Hmm…

How would […]

April 2014

If You Want To Change the World – Love a Woman, Love a Man


From a remote jungle palace in the Balinese mountains, I write to you today, dear one.

I’m one week into my Tao Tantric Arts Sacred Femininity training. So much is happening on the inside, that I choose to honor that flow – and […]

March 2014

How to live in paradise, become financially free and make money changing the world


Oh girrrrl… What a ride.

The last week in Holland I hosted the last Raw Tantric Potluck for an intimate group of friends, which involved multi-bodied massage, raw delights and an abundance of chocolate mousse – served on  (you guessed it) the body of […]

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The Power of Miracle Consciousness (or, what to do when life gives you a crap cupcake)


Has this ever happened to you?

You think everything is going great and then you suddenly lose your job.

You’ve almost finished the book proposal and then you harddrive crashes and everything is lost.

You think your relationship will last forever […]