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How to Sleep Less & Have More Energy – Polyphasic Sleeping for Parents, Party Animals and Passionpreneurs…

Unless you’re a cat, a sloth or a total sleepoholic and absolutely loooove snoozing in between the sheets, you probably wouldn’t mind having a few extra hours of creative/productive/enjoyable time per day.

And although the dreamstate can be a great playground for lucid […]

My almost near death experience and jumping parallel realities… ? ?


On the topic of near death experiences, jumping parallel realities and weird shit going down these days… ;)

In case you’ve wondered why I’ve been so quiet in the last couple of weeks, it’s because I’ve been sick and the last few days in too […]

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3 Happiness Boosting Productivity Tips
from Tim Ferriss + a quickie from me :)


Hey party girl,

Yes you, passionate entrepreneur (or perhaps just hobby time creative?).

Let’s be honest about something…

If you work for yourself it is so eeeasy to get stuck in front of the computer for too dang long – and just not […]

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