If You Want To Change the World – Love a Woman, Love a Man


From a remote jungle palace in the Balinese mountains, I write to you today, dear one.

I’m one week into my Tao Tantric Arts Sacred Femininity training. So much is happening on the inside, that I choose to honor that flow – and […]

How to live in paradise, become financially free and make money changing the world


Oh girrrrl… What a ride.

The last week in Holland I hosted the last Raw Tantric Potluck for an intimate group of friends, which involved multi-bodied massage, raw delights and an abundance of chocolate mousse – served on  (you guessed it) the body of […]

Mastering the Emotional Rollercoaster – 3 Sensual Steps to Ending Emotional Struggle once and for all, and enter Resistance Free Living…


“Do you know... what the best thing to do is, when a woman is feeling emotional?” I asked.

“Ehm… Get the hell out and stay far away?”


His answer came out like a half-joke, and struck me as quite immature.

But if I’m totally honest… […]

The Power of Miracle Consciousness (or, what to do when life gives you a crap cupcake)


Has this ever happened to you?

You think everything is going great and then you suddenly lose your job.

You’ve almost finished the book proposal and then you harddrive crashes and everything is lost.

You think your relationship will last forever […]