You are a f-ing miracle! (Just in case maybe you forgot for a moment…)


Hey sweetness you!

You are a fucking miracle.

I just wanted to remind you in case you forgot or don’t remember right now, that you are beautiful!!

If you’re open for receiving even more praise and adoration… here’s a message from me to you, to […]

Access the Full Enlightenment/Empowerment Enchilada – with Bentinho Massaro & Ronja Sebastian


So guys and girls… 

Here it is! ENJOY! (Watch in HD)
And please share this with all your friends xxx

Some gems of wisdom from this conversation:

▷ How to bring together the seemingly conflicting ways of living, of waking up from the dream […]

Equally, massively loved no matter what…


Dear spiritual friends,

Existence really doesn’t care if you’re “living your purpose” or not.

And when I say “doesn’t care” I mean: you’re equally massively LOVED no matter what you do!

There’s nothing needed to add to the perfection of life to make this perfection […]

Getting clear, seeing through the personality, nowhere to hide…


So a lot of people are sending messages every day asking about how I’m doing, am I alright etc, and this is the current report:

Moving in and out of states of peace, stillness, quiet/intense bliss (kinda like early Bentinho Massaro)…
… identification and […]

Manifesting your dream life – or waking up from the dream?…


We’re rolling again… Manifesting your dream life – or waking up from the dream?…

The hugely missing key in pretty much ALL “manifest your dream” talk.

Sharing love and wanting adventure is natural and beautiful, but to become aware of where we’re coming from in […]

Toby & Ronja Sebastian – a love story…
From love at first kiss, to the conscious completion of our marriage, and opening of love


Thursday 17 September 2015

Dear friends, Toby’s and my marriage has just ended.

We have many close friends around us, and Toby and I are supporting each other.

I will do my best to explain things as clearly as possible, as […]

Self bashing is useless – 2 easy steps to release resistance and get back into the flow

I often hear from people that it seems like I ‘do so much!’, create so much, and get so much done.
And it’s true, in a way, but not because I’m necessarily the most consistent.
Not because I’m productive every day.
It’s simply because I’ve […]

8 Yogini Approved Keys To Effortless Productivity (FREE Webinar)


FREE Webinar 25 July 2015:

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Oh girl, how SWEET it is to be an entrepreneur…

Time freedom, location freedom, life completely on your terms…

Or is it?

Do you feel nourished, juicy and uplifted by your business?

Or is it running you […]

What to do when you feel stuck, tired, uninspired and don’t feel like doing ANYTHING


Yesterday I felt about as energized as a sleepy sloth.

Tried getting some things done, but it felt totally uphill-y and un-flow-y. Pointless and pushy.

I just wasn’t feeling it, so I thought “fugghettaboutit! This is not the way to go”.

If you’re a creative human […]