Flowing Love: A Meditation for {Inner Peace} Amidst Outer Chaos – copy

Flowing Love: A Meditation for {Inner Peace} Amidst Outer Chaos – copy

Last night I had dinner inside a cave.
Candle lit picnic surrounded by deep darkness.
My love and I have just arrived to the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii.
And after a day of wind and rain we found a private haven inside the unmoving quietude of the black lava mountain…

After our dinner we sat in silent eyegazing for some time.

Simultaneously grounded by the energetic pressure of thousands of tons of rock above us… and lifted up by the spaciousness of the cave chamber.

Enveloped in stillness it was effortlessly easy to plunge into a state of humming peace.

The rest of the world melted into a faint echo of distant imagined activity, and the entire moment seemed to mirror the planetary present movement:

Winter Solstice.

Darkest day of the year for the northern hemisphere. Lightest day of the year in the south.

A day of complete alchemical equilibrium, a moment of suspense –– before the craziness of Christmas takes over.

The Christmas family time can either be a time of loving togetherness… or more like a repeat event of dysfunctional family patterns, and the year’s biggest challenge for your inner zen.

With that in mind, I created this 7 minute Meditation for Inner Peace & Flowing Love.

So that you can stay open, loving and zen, no matter what challenges are going on around you.

You can use this as a daily meditation to open your subtle energetic pathways for deeper inner peace – and possibly even expanded states of orgasm – as well as a ‘secret superpower practice’ during a conversation with another, and in any moment when you wish to plug in, reset and recharge.

If you’re presently feeling scattered, stressed, or simply somewhat “outside of yourself” (like a kitten caught in a carousel or a kid on crack) then this meditation will be like a soothing balm for your soul…

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a joyous New Year.

Click play…

And now… over to you…

How are you feeling now, after the meditation? 

And: what are you the most grateful for in your life right now?

Lastly, please share this meditation with a loved one. Spreading the ripples of deep inner peace… :)

With all my love, from the island of Kauai…

Happy Solstice, peaceful Xmas, and a joyous new spin around the sun… 💗💗💗

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