Liquid Love Honey Meditation for Women

Liquid Love Honey Meditation for Women

Gorgeous woman,

Wherever you are… just stop, pause…

and enjoy this Liquid Love Honey Meditation ? ?

Filmed in a pink tunnel in Guatemala.

To be experienced anywhere in the world, whenever you feel in need of de-stressing, deep nourishment, and delicious love for your body.

And for a full body upgrade of your pleasure potential and feminine genius, warmly welcome to the Orgasmic Bliss for Urban Goddesses :: Sensual Yogini Private Live Immersion, warmly welcome to the Orgasmic Bliss for Urban Goddesses :: Sensual Yogini Private Live Immersion 28-30 July in Amsterdam (= only women’s event in Europe in 2017). Currently 12 spaces left.

? A Deep Dive Into Pleasure Practices and Sensual Skills for Women ?

Yoni Yoga, Massage, Breath, Chocolate and a sacred space to let go and relax…


? In this luxurious weekend you’ll learn:

The Art of Feminine Yoga – moving energy through your body as an expression of love, devotion, power and surrender

Sexual Vitality Qigong – Activate, Sublimate & Circulate Sexual Energy

Yoni Egg Practice for grounded embodiment, nuanced pleasure, and deep connection with your intimate temple

√ How to have an Energy Breath Orgasm (yep, it’s not only possible, but easy)

The Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout – for a soft, strong and supple pussy + sublime sexual pleasure (this one eats regular kegels for breakfast ;)

The Inner Ripple Effect (your lovers will thank you for it)

The Taoist Sensual Breast Massage – for healthy, happy and orgasmic breasts


Sex Magic – a sacred process for orgasmic manifestation


? We’ll also explore…

▷ Freeing up your emotional and energetic system so that life can flow through effortlessly

▷ Luxurious Massage Experience

▷ Awakening to the Awareness that is unbound, free and limitless – beyond emotional ups and downs

▷ The Body as a Portal Into Infinite Space

▷ And of course… delicious raw chocolate… (what would a women’s weekend be without it? ;)

▷ ▷ This is the only live immersion in Europe in 2017. Next women’s events will take place in California in October, in Mexico January 2018, and in Bali February-March 2018.

Go here to read more and join the experience and here for the facebook event.
To go straight to the ticket page click here.

Besos xx


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