Tantric Orgasmic Energy Practice for Women

Tantric Orgasmic Energy Practice for Women

I’ll never forget when I had my first energy orgasm.

The kind that doesn’t just last for a few seconds, but that keeps on coming and coming (and coming), like sexy waves of bliss and ecstasy.

It took both me and my boyfriend at the time by total surprise, and at the end of that half hour orgasm we were both basking in the most exquisite afterglow we had ever experienced.

So what was the secret?

Tantric tongue techniques?

The perfect thrusting angle?

Aphrodisiacs or MDMA?

No, no, no and, ehm… no.

The secret key to unlocking unlimited pleasure has noting to do with fancy touching tricks or herbal enhancers.

It’s hidden in plain sight…

Right here, in every breath.

Specifically I had been practicing various Tantric and Taoist breathing and energy circulation techniques.

Daily. For several months.

While I thought I was simply doing breath practices for the sake of deeper meditation…

Little did I know that I was actually preparing my body for the experience of hour(s) long orgasms.

Today I want to share with you one of my absolute favorite orgasmic energy breath circulation practices...

It’s designed for women, but can be reversed for men, and can be done alone or with a partner.

Click play to find out, and to begin to experience liquid golden champagne of pleasure through your body + a heart that’s soft and open for love.

And now over to you:

How did you experience this Tantric Breath practice?

Have you ever experienced an energy orgasm? If so, how was it different from regular (clitoral or ejaculatory) orgasms?

Share a comment below.


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With all my love from Tulum beach in Mexico,

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