Live Your Passion:: Because this life is too short to be tethered to a desk or dumb beliefs

Live Your Passion:: Because this life is too short to be tethered to a desk or dumb beliefs

Liberate your heart from fear, guilt, and shame.
Let it all go.
Give yourself permission to be free
to truly be your authentic self.
Stand as a pillar in the world to
live the calling you hear whispering from within.
Breathe in the abundance that is all around you
so that you may create magic for all to feel.
Allow the unique expression that is life force
radiating like a priceless jewel deep beneath the surface
penetrate others so that they may be free.
You are the cosmic miracle being expressed on earth.
Tap into the energies that are all around you
to flower the expression of life waiting to be born.
You are love and power intertwined as one.
You are who you’ve been waiting for.
Begin from this place of connection to heart for it
is your guide.
Let your masculine and feminine bond
as a co creative force in your center.
Let the heavens flow into from above
so that they dance with the wild animal
beating heart that is yours.
And never look back…
– Text and video by Brent Hruska / Soul Guru

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I’m beyond grateful to be on this adventure with you through life.

When you set out on the path to following your dreams, the universe will orchestrate people, rendezvous, circumstances and events, to bring you everything that you desire.

You reading these words is a part of that:: already happening now.

Join me, Leonie Gabriella and 1000+ other women, May 2-8 in the Live Your Passion Challenge: 7 Days to Freedom, Flow, Adventure & Abundance:

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