From Frustration to FLOW in under 10 minutes

From Frustration to FLOW in under 10 minutes

New Moon in Aries and Venus in retrograde…
= Dynamite combo for uber powerful creation, if you’re in flowing easeful alignment.
Or… surefire recipe for relationship clashes and resistance galore.
If you’re feeling frustration and inner friction, that’s super understandable.
Here’s how to move from resistance to rejuvenation โ€“ and merge that fire with your inner waters and create steam, pleasure and flow…
So that you can reclaim your inner enjoyment and create joyfully, not stressfully.

::From Frustration to FLOW in under 10 mins::

And now over to you::

How did you feel before you did this… and how do you feel, now, afterwards?

Leave a comment below.

With love, fire, water and steam…

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  1. Nienke March 30, 2017 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Thank you for posting this Ronja! Relationship clashes and resistance galore are exactly what I was experiencing. This makes me feel a bit better. At least in the doing it felt great. Now afterwards I still feel frustrated, but at least I feel my body again and I could give it some expression. Maybe I need to do it again :)! Thanks!

    • Ronja Sebastian March 31, 2017 at 8:32 am - Reply

      Beautiful to hear, Nienke. And yes, rinse and repeat ;) Usually doing it several times, or once a day, helps to clear out more stuckness and free up more new energy.
      All the best to you xxx

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