High Level Relationship Skills for Conscious Lovers… (+new tattoo!) ? ?

High Level Relationship Skills for Conscious Lovers… (+new tattoo!) ? ?

Ohhh girl…. can you relate?

Sooo many times in past relationships have I had the experience, that if I show the full expression of my emotions, then my partner would either:

A) walk away, or:
B) fight back.

Either way it would FEEL like my partner’s love was withdrawn and the connection cut.

So with the innately feminine desire for love – in an unconscious strategy to maintain the connection and superficially “keep the love” – my response would be to suppress my feelings and modify my expression.

The thing is though… that when we suppress any part of the emotional/energetic spectrum, then ALL energetic flow gets blocked. Including pleasure, orgasm and joy.

And while men can learn to remain relaxed, open and present with their woman (even when she’s the embodiment of a storm)… there are ways that we as women can conduct and flow with our emotions that don’t push our man away, but in fact bring him *closer*.

In this video I share my 2 number one keys to expressing your feelings in a way that Deepens the Intimacy and Amplifies Attraction.

***Nice bonus is that the more I learn to freely allow emotions, the more the men in my life tend to have the full capacity to be lovingly present with just about anything.

Enjoy and let me know……
Does this resonate? <3

**Watch until the end to see my new tattoo :)

Love from Bali,

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