Bust through blocks & Create anything you want with Jon ૐFritzler

Bust through blocks & Create anything you want with Jon ૐFritzler

Woop woop! Today we have the eminent honor of hanging out with the always amazing Jonathan ૐ Fritzler – founder of Sacred Strategy and the Mind Lab.

Click play for this down and dirty luscious jungle conversation, on how to bust through blockages, boost your awesomeness and recognize the blessings in life’s challenges.

(Plus some quantum physics sprinkled in there for all my quantum geeks ;)

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Ronja & Jonathan

P.S. Lastly, here are some seductive, sexy, sultry vibes for your Xmas/New Years in between bubble…

Headphones/speakers = on. Volume = up. Enjoy…

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  1. Brooke Kucsulain December 30, 2016 at 7:02 am - Reply

    Wow, you guys, this is so good!!! So so so perfect. You both are brilliant and I was crying with an overwhelming sense of appreciation by the end. What is so great about this conversation is how well you both understand the in-between nuances of all these understandings — in other words you never just left an answer at the usual place, ie “get out of your comfort zone” — you delved into the nuances of the stretching zone vs the panic zone, which demonstrates your true experiential understanding, and takes the idea from platitude into the realm of truly relevant, accessible, immediately useful, powerful information. And that’s just one example. You guys did that over and over. I will have to watch this again to really milk it for all the value because it contains so much! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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