7 days of meditating in darkness ?

7 days of meditating in darkness ?

This last week has been deep, dark and filled with 3rd eye/pineal activation. Awakening at 5am every morning for 2 hours of meditation before breakfast.

We’ve been meditating, shaking, dancing, chanting, touching the Void and dissolving into emptiness.
Eating, sleeping, showering, and fasting – all in complete darkness.

First I experienced a few days of total visual blackness. No difference with eyes closed or open.

And then as the cerebral activity shifted and my brain chemistry started flooding with DMT… increasing rainbow visuals, swirling fractals, colors and light filling the darkness. For the first time seeing energy bodies and feeling the toroidal field of the human body.

I used to hold light as my first and foremost love. But after this week of feeling so enveloped in velvety darkness and relaxing into the silence… I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with the dark.

Drinking the darkness in through our eyes, into our bones, into every cell. Sinking into deep yin, and letting her rejuvenate everything.
Enter the darkness… and let the darkness enter you.

“Reflect. Why has God been symbolized everywhere as light? Not because God is light, but because man is afraid of darkness.

Darkness is eternal. Light always has some source. Darkness is without source. That which has some source cannot be infinite; only that which is sourceless can be infinite and eternal.
Darkness is relaxation, total relaxation. Light is born and dies; darkness simply is. It is deathless.

When there is light, you are defined. I can see you, the light is there. Your body has a definition. You are defined, you have boundaries.

Boundaries exist because of the light. When the light is not there, boundaries are dissolved. In blackness nothing is defined, everything merges into every other thing. Forms disappear.

Because then you are not defined, then you don’t know who you are. The face cannot be seen, the body cannot be known.

Everything merges into a formless existence. That may be one of the causes of fear — because you cannot feel your defined existence. Existence becomes vague and fear enters, because you don’t know now who you are.

Contemplating, meditating, merging, it will be easier to merge into darkness than to merge into light, because light gives distinctions. Darkness takes away all distinctions. In the light you are beautiful or ugly, rich or poor.

The light reveals you as a distinct person. Darkness envelops you, accepts you — not as a distinct person; it simply accepts you without any definitions. You are enveloped and you become one.”
– Osho

Two days ago we slowly re-emerged into the light and I cried for hours from the sheer beauty of the colors, light and immense visual orgasm. Never experienced colors like this before…

Then still for a couple of days we had to go back into the dark because the light felt too painful for our very sensitive eyes. DMT effect still strong.

My sense perceptions have shifted to the point where I can sense walls, people, pathways by smelling/feeling my way.
Haven’t bumped into anything, but ironically, at the night of emerging, when I went into my bathroom with a bit of light coming in for the first time – and thus could *see* the door – I totally misjudged the distance and banged headfirst into the corner of the wall :P

Now… enjoying New Delhi with Crystal Love and tomorrow morning getting on a train to Goa = a swift train journey adventure of only 26 hours…

And for the curious…… You can find info about the Darkness Retreat here and here.

With all my love, from India…

Ronja Sebastian

Version 2

P.S. Just an hour before going into the 7 day darkness retreat I launched a new 9 part video training series that’s been months in the making.

Basically hit ‘send’, closed my computer, and then went offline for 8 days… Logically a very *bad* move… but in reality it has all flowed beautifully by itself.

Deeply nourishing and healing to be totally screen free. And coming back online I have been immensely touched by all of the comments and messages that have been flowing in.

Already about 400 women have joined the training and more flowing in by the hour. So if you haven’t seen it already, a gift awaits you at…


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