The first 17 seconds that change everything…

The first 17 seconds that change everything…

Say *THIS* first thing when you wake up every morning, and watch what happens… :)

And now over to you:

Share a comment below with your favorite over-the-top-excited or genuinely happy First Thought of the day.

Also please share 1-5 things that you’re the most grateful for in your life right now, and why.

With love and gratitude,

Ronja Sebastian

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  1. Carmen July 25, 2016 at 1:31 pm - Reply

    This does resonates so much, thank you for this loving message…! My most happy first thought of the day is: OMG.. I AM still alive, I AM still breathing, My body is still working, how.. wonderful she is always here for me, whatever happens inside..!

    This is also where I feel immensly grateful of that I do wake up every morning while going through this immense loopings. That life always catches me whatever I think or feel. She is there, unconditionally. So what my thoughts, believes and feeling are sometimes, I am feeling so grateful for this bigger thing that is always there and NEVER judge or hate or lose.. or whatsoever.. Thank you life. And thank you Ronja for remembering<3

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