ECSTATIC DANCE with Kaminanda & Kareem Raïhani – Ecstatic Awakening DancePasses available now

ECSTATIC DANCE with Kaminanda & Kareem Raïhani – Ecstatic Awakening DancePasses available now

Upon request we are now releasing DancePasses and tickets to join the Ecstatic Dance as a part of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat 10-14 August.

Watch this video for details, and play until the end for a taster of the music, the dance and a view of the retreat center:

Choose between a Full DancePass – or Saturday night only.

⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯ Full DancePass €100 ◯ ► ▻ ⋄
Ecstatic Dance Wednesday 10 August 20:00-22:30
Ecstatic Dance Thursday 11 August 20:00-22:30
Ecstatic Dance Friday 12 August 10:00-13:00
Ecstatic Dance Saturday 13 August 20:00-23:00
Every dance begins with a 30 min workshop guided by Ronja Sebastian / Ryan D Brown / Jeff Kirdeikis

⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯ Saturday night only €30 ◯ ► ▻ ⋄
With music producer Kaminanda from the USA

Max 80 tickets available. Click here to book.

For the Full DancePass you can choose if you want to add food + accommodation to stay at Venwoude for a nice mini holiday. Venwoude is a beautiful retreat center out in nature, with plenty of forest walks and opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate.


What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is…
A freeform movement meditation in motion where:
dance expands
spirit activates
boundaries melt
boredom ceases
creativity breaks out
hope happens
beauty flows
communities collaborate
ritual is reinvented
harmony resonates.
The beat deepens
as an electronic tapestry
of world rhythms
weave us together
as individuals
within a greater unity.

The golden guidelines of Ecstatic Dance are:

No shoes. No alcohol. No chit chat on the dancefloor.
(Let that body do the talking.)
Respect yourself and others.
Dance however you want.


Ultimately, Ecstatic Dance is a place where we can experience the magnificent magnitude of our aliveness. It’s a deep dive into natural high. It’s a space to explore full spectrum movement – from the subtle and sublime, to the wild, passionate and tribal.

It’s a state of total permission to be, allow and express ourselves authentically, with all that we are. You can be sophisticated, sexy or silly. You can be sad, happy, connecting or introverted. There’s no right way to dance.

A sacred green card of YES and unconditional acceptance…

Booking and tickets here.

There are still a few tickets available for the full retreat experience.

Go here for tickets and more info:

Ronja, Ryan, Jeff, Kareem & Kaminanda

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