The unbearable beauty of this existence…

The unbearable beauty of this existence…

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We are like comets. We travel through space.
We give our light. And then we die…

Every day a new awakening.
Gratitudexplosion for the miracle of this life.

I often feel that my body is too small for the hugeness of the feeling.
How can the human heart contain such love?

All I can do is open, give and surrender.

Deeper and deeper until the dance becomes the expression of this love.
Unable to call it “my” dance, because truthfully, none of this belongs to me.

Perfectly imperfect, always incomplete.
Neverendingly, becoming.

A living prayer
with no other purpose than for life
to experience more of itself.

As me, as you and as all of us.
In inevitable connection.


::: ::: :::

Know that you are Consciousness. Live as Love.
And allow He and She to make love through you/as you
in each moment of this unbearably beautiful existence.

::: ::: :::

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All my love,

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