Shifting Money From Lack To Abundance

Shifting Money From Lack To Abundance

Have you ever wanted to do or buy something (travel, workshop, retreat, raw chocolate cake…) but then didn’t because you thought that you “couldn’t afford it”?

If so, watch this.

(Warning: excuses-smasher and the key to limitless living inside.)

I say this with love, because I don’t think we came here to feel stuck and limited in “can’t do’s” and “what if’s”.

I truly believe that we are limitless beings plugged into a universal field of infinite possibilities.

Click play if you’re open for the next upleveling of abundance…

[youtube id=”xeBMJh7UxZY” width=”800″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&rel=0″ class=””][/youtube]

My dear friend Shashi Solluna once told me that she had made the decision to never let money be in the way of an experience that she really wants to have.

When I heard that I was like “omg, that’s so true”. And from that moment onwards the same became true for me.

And if it resonates for you… then that’s one of the best decisions and most important shifts you can ever make.

You’ll be surprised and possibly blown away by what happens when you open up for new possibilities and out-of-the-package possibilities.

There’s always a way, and you have so much love, genius, beauty and creativity within you.

Because what is life about, if not to dive in fully?…

Comments and insights, all welcome here below, and please share this with your friends!

Much love,

Ronja Sebastian

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