3 Happiness Boosting Productivity Tips
from Tim Ferriss + a quickie from me :)

3 Happiness Boosting Productivity Tips
from Tim Ferriss + a quickie from me :)

Hey party girl,

Yes you, passionate entrepreneur (or perhaps just hobby time creative?).

Let’s be honest about something…

If you work for yourself it is so eeeasy to get stuck in front of the computer for too dang long – and just not notice how it drains your energy.


At the end of the day you feel slumpy, sleepy and about as alive as a mouldy courgette.



So here’s the deal:

To do inspired work, and still actually FEEL inspired… you gotta make sure that you feel ALIVE more or less continuously throughout your work day.


Well, you can either set a timer for every 30 mins or 1 hour, at which point you have a dance break, do some push ups, take deep breaths, shake your body, or… anything that you personally LOVE.

Or ditch the timer and learn to take these breaks whenever you feel you energy levels dropping below your zone of genius YES-ness.

I promise you that when you do this, your head will be clearer, your inspiration will go from a trickle to a flood, and you’ll stay happy and healthy for many years to come! :)

IF you have a fitness ball (aka pilates ball, exercise ball) then you can try this 30 Second Quickie for increased energy, inspiration and creativity:



And as promised, here are 3 awesome tips from Mr Timothy Ferriss (presuming you know him already, but just in case: he’s the author of “The 4 Hour Work Week” and “The 4 Hour Body” and is an expert in reality hacks and general superhuman craziness).

These 3 tips really work, when you actually do them. You have my word. ;)

  1. Get outside and go barefoot in the grass. You only need to do it for a few minutes. It will improve your mental state and help you feel grounded, and will actually help you feel less like a robot while answering emails.
  2. Take your calls on a walk. Group together any phone calls that don’t need a visual aid and walk while you take them. It will get you away from your desk but keep you productive.
  3. Take one minute to consciously let go of things that don’t serve you. If someone didn’t respond to a call or email and you feel slighted, or someone cuts you off in rush hour, let it go. Try to remember that it wasn’t a personal attack — and you’ll feel better immediately.

Take it onboard, along with these ‘Energy and Productivity Boosting’ Mini Breaks – and watch your joy and productivity soar like a fantasy dragon…

Now over to you:

Did you try these tips? Did’ya like them?

What’s YOUR favorite productivity tip?

Share it in a comment below…


Thanks for tuning in!

Peace out, stay awesome.

With love from the green hills of England,
Ronja Sebastian

Toby & Ronja Sebastian


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  1. Ingrid May 21, 2015 at 10:33 am - Reply

    When I need some extra energy I sit and draw a new design or actually do a new jewelry designed just for my self – no thinking of productivity or customers – just what I at that moment would like to wear:-)
    And strangely it always seems to be a selling design in the end… With the joy of making something without demands my mind spins of to new unchartered layers:-)

    • Ronja Sebastian May 26, 2015 at 1:02 pm - Reply

      That’s beautiful! It sounds like people can actually feel you flow, love and passion when you create in that way.
      And I can imagine that the kind of jewelry that you love to wear, is exactly what women just like you love as well! :)

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