Unexpected adventures in Malaysia & free ebook giveaway… :)

Unexpected adventures in Malaysia & free ebook giveaway… :)

Sometimes life steps in and takes us on a ride we weren’t expecting…
Today I was supposed to participate in a belly dance course in Thailand… but instead I’m writing to you from an internet cafe in Penang, Malaysia.

Toby and I came here to get another 60 day Thai visa, and because of a divinely perfect delivery delay, our 1-day visa run turned into a 5-day unexpected holiday. :)

We’ve enjoyed insanely cold A/C cinema, bizarre street food – and today we hung out with monkeys in Penang Botanical Garden. (Must visit if you want to get out of the mega-humid city heat!)

Like I mentioned in last week’s blog, my plan was to share our vows and wedding photos with you – but that just has to wait now…

For today I want to give you a quick head’s up that Valentine’s Day will be the release of my husband’s first book!

“Because of Love – a compilation of poems” by Toby Sebastian will be available next week… (more on that soon).

Secondly I gotta let you know that the Obliss Master-class opens it’s gates for registration once again today.

The Obliss Course is created by my dear friend Orgasmic Bliss expert and founder of the Sexy Revolution – Layla Martin.

I did this course last year, and although I’ve studied Tantra with teachers from all over the world since I was 17, this course is one of THE best (and most pleasurable) things I’ve ever done. Ever.

If you want to open up those pleasure pathways and experience tingly, Tantric ‘O’s in ways you could only dream of… as well as increase softness, sweetness and self-love – then this course is for YOU.

On the course info page you can read more, find out if this course is for you (or if it’s not!), read & watch experiences from previous graduates, and see exactly what you’ll get (nice bonuses included).

One more thing! Whether you join the course or not – if you haven’t done so already – go here to download your free copy of Layla’s ebook and Amazon best-seller “Wild Woman in the Bedroom – Break free of insecurities and awaken your full pleasure”.

More than 35,000 women have already read it, and now you can too:

Ok girl, I’m gonna head back “home” to our hotel now.
Enjoy your ebook and hope to see you in the course!

Lots of love,

Ronja red juice


P.S. In case you missed my first interview with Layla, you can watch it here.

We shot this video live from Bali, so you’ll hear some sounds of jungle, birds and chickens. ;)

Click play to hear our juicy conversation about female orgasms, and how we all can open up for more orgasmic bliss… 

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