The Secrets of Tantric Orgasm + update from Thailand

The Secrets of Tantric Orgasm + update from Thailand

Yo gorgeous,

I’m writing to you from the glorious island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

This is a short love letter because today is a day of ocean and jungle – not computer work. ;)

I just wanted to let you know about a new video interview with me, that Layla Martin from the Sexy Revolution just shared on her blog.

It’s called The Secret of Tantric ‘O’ and you can check it out on Layla’s blog or watch it here below.

In this unconventional and uncensored conversation we talk about the differences between Tantric Orgasms and everyday mainstream Orgasms – and how every woman can experience them.

Plus I share some really simple tips on how you can use the way that you breathe to make your orgasms more tantric and alive. Yum!

Click play…

Please let me know about your inspiration and experiences in the comments below, and share it with all your friends.

Love and salt water,



P.S. Here’s a short personal update…

The first week of December Toby and I packed up our apartment in the Netherlands, traveled to Sweden for family time and massage, had two days of sessions and snow in Norway…
And then flew to Bangkok and onwards across the water to our favorite island Koh Phangan.

Since arriving we’ve been settling in and recovering from jetlag through lots of fresh coconuts, sunshine, ocean and almost daily thai massages.

From this… (Saturday morning 6 Dec in Norway)

Friends in Thailand
To this… :) (Monday evening 8 Dec in Thailand)

It’s quite a contrast to the Dutch winter of concrete and canals – soooo sweet to be in the warmth and softness of tropical nature!

7 January we’re getting married and we’re super excited…!! More updates to come…

Enjoy your weekend, and see what you can do to take care and to nourish yourself in this time leading up to the new year.

Ronja (& Toby)



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