How to revel in your true sexual beauty (Ebook giveaway)

How to revel in your true sexual beauty (Ebook giveaway)

Dear woman,

We’re surrounded by sex! The world seems obsessed with it.
It’s advertized and spotlighted everywhere we go.

But I have a question for you…

With all of the movies, tips, magazine covers and porn out there…

Do you feel truly, deeply fulfilled from sex in that juicy, tingly way from the tips of your toes to the top of your head from sex?

Because you deserve that. 

You deserve to revel in your true sexual beauty and power as a woman.

You deserve knowing that your body is miraculous and sexy.
You deserve to take joy in expressing your full pleasure.

To have orgasm be something that effortlessly pours from your body, rather that a goal to struggle for.
Maybe that feels like a luxury. But I have something to tell you: it’s not.

Being comfortable in your own skin and taking pleasure in your sexuality is essential for a happy life.

You might be carrying around a lot of guilt, shame, insecurity and trauma around your sexuality.

Most of us are.

But there is a way to release it, and switch to a more passion-fueled, happiness-soaked life.

This is why I have the joy and honor of introducing you  to Layla Martin, a next-generation female sexuality expert.

I have been staying in a villa here in Bali for the last 10 days, with Layla and a team of “Tantrapreneurs”. We’re in the process of creating a new online Tantra platform (super exciting! more info coming your way soon…!!)

I’ve heard about Layla for quite a while, and now it’s my pure pleasure to get to know her as a friend and fellow sensual embodiment expert…

Just like me, she’s a fan of deep connection, fun girl talk and regular dance breaks as a part of any working day! ;)

She provides clear applicable insight and action to transforming your sexual insecurities and hang-ups.

Her work means less negative thoughts, and way more natural enjoyment of your body as a woman.

She’s inviting you to get out of the repression box and back into your natural state as a wild woman.

I don’t know about you, but if someone offered me a whole bunch of natural bliss with no catch, I’d say: YES!

That’s basically what Layla is doing for us.

And I have a huge gift for you! Ta taaa… *drumroll*

Her new book, “Wild Woman in the Bedroom – How to break free of insecurities and have all the pleasure you deserve” is set to sell for $9.99 on Amazon…

…but I can offer it to you today, absolutely free.

Layla gave me this ebook just a few days ago, and as soon as I read it I felt that I had to send it to YOU, and every conscious woman I know.

So, as our gift to you…

You can download the book HERE 

In the book you’ll find practical and simple solutions to:

– break out of old sexual habits and patterns
– experience the confidence and freedom of total self-love
– gently release any sexual trauma
– unleash your full range of emotions and true personality
– awaken your full orgasmic potential and have all the pleasure you deserve

Layla also shares so many vulnerable, intimate love stories, and how she went from being insecure and hung up, to being a Wild Woman in the bedroom.

Yes, it was made for you, even if it makes you feel nervous or fearful to read it.

That’s the best sign that it’s going to change your life.

Layla and I care about your heart, your happiness and your orgasms. The world needs more happy, turned on women!

So click here and get it instantly for free (for a limited time)

With so much love,

Ronja & Layla

P.S. If you’re on the fence, thinking: “This book will never work for me. It’s meant for a younger/sexier/skinnier/less blocked woman.” Then this book is most definitely for you, and can even help you the most.

P.P.S. Layla is a rock-star in the field of female sexuality. She actually spent six years in Asia studying the secrets of supreme sexual bliss. Get her free ebook here!

Want a taste of Layla?… Enjoy:

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