Getting Hot & Steamy on Balinese Sunrise Volcano…

Getting Hot & Steamy on Balinese Sunrise Volcano…

One week ago I completed the Sacred Femininity Tao Tantric Arts Teacher Training.

The morning following our graduation ceremony we all got up at 3:30am for a two hour hike up the sacred volcano Mount Batur

6am we arrived at the top for a stunning sunrise above the clouds, the world disappearing and reappearing beneath us.

It was a magical day, spent with my Shakti sisters, singing mantras, hanging out with munching monkeys…

And getting the BEST steam facial ever – with misty hot wetness coming straight out of Mama Earth herself!…

Lotus sublimation and orgasmic bliss followed by meditation and prayer deep inside the yin of a dark cave…
Scroll down to check out some short but profound videos from our climb.

With some surprisingly deep messages coming through, related to wizards and “Love unlimited edition” ;)


Watch and enjoy as my dear tantric sister and teacher Shashi Solluna and I offer chocolate cashew nuts for the benefit of all living beings…
Never before has epidemic enlightenment been so EASY ;)


Shakti Power on Mount Batur

What You Need To Bring When You Climb A Volcano…

Spontaneous Love Poem by Good Karma Media Queen Carrie Stiles

[divider_padding]And now it’s time for an evening of Ecstatic Dance at Yoga Barn Ubud with my amazing friends and 200 other happy people!

I wish you a beautiful weekend and send you lots of chocolate love and sweet vibes xoxo

Ronja Venus
P.S. Roald and I will be teaching in the UnitedBliss Festival 6-9 June in Berlin.

Four days of world class Tantra workshops featuring international teachers – including Shashi Solluna, Matt & Leanne, Eyal IntimatePower, Steven James & Caritia and more.

Click here to check it out and I would LOVE to see you there live!


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