Mastering the Emotional Rollercoaster – 3 Sensual Steps to Ending Emotional Struggle once and for all, and enter Resistance Free Living…

Mastering the Emotional Rollercoaster – 3 Sensual Steps to Ending Emotional Struggle once and for all, and enter Resistance Free Living…

“Do you know... what the best thing to do is, when a woman is feeling emotional?” I asked.

“Ehm… Get the hell out and stay far away?”


His answer came out like a half-joke, and struck me as quite immature.

But if I’m totally honest… underneath that, his words spoke to a fairly universally known truth:


Most men are terrified of women’s emotional power and the tsunami-magnitude with which it sometimes comes out.


And if you’re like me and every single woman that I’ve ever met (very likely) then you have quite a big range of emotions.

You also don’t necessarily know why you feel the way you feel. It’s just… emotion.


Some days you wake up humming and brimming with gratitude, and other days it’s like you’re filled with sadness so deep that it can’t possibly belong to just you.

Some days you have patience more plentiful than Byron Katie, and other days you’re like a minefield of frustration.


“Why can’t I just be happy??” you ask. My answer:

Hormones, collective healing, empathy, the inevitable ebb and flow of the emotional waves…

It’s a big f-ing mystery, but hey – that’s life.


We often wish that our men could simply be present with our emotions instead of running away, collapsing or fighting back.

And while those men definitely do exist – the amount of men who can be effortlessly present with a woman’s emotional storms are about as rare as a sober person in a Goa party.


Most men flat out don’t know how to deal with our emotions.

And you know what – neither do most women.


Most of us are fairly unpracticed at staying open-hearted zen when the emotional rollercoaster hits the bottom of the curve.

What do we normally do?

We analyse it. We talk about it (as if that ever worked).

Most of all, we want the feeling to… Just. Go. Away.


And I get it, it’s uncomfortable.


But if you’ve ever tried making a feeling go away by resisting it, then you know how absolutely futile that is…


Whatever you push away will just grow stronger beneath the surface… only to spill out later – usually with crappy timing and onto someone who doesn’t deserve it.

(think: sudden anger outburst because your boyfriend asked you something with “the wrong tone of voice”, or something similar).



Well I’m glad you asked. :)


You do not have to get on antidepressants, hormone treatments or learn transcendental meditation.

You don’t’ even have to become “less emotional”, but can stay in the feminine fullness that you are.

Even magnify it. Because, as you’ll see, this is also a gateway into greater pleasure…


Here are 3 yogini-approved steps to dealing with any strong emotion – and end the inner fighting once and for all.

(if you’ve EVER felt intense sadness, anger, frustration or pain and wanted the feeling to go away, you need to watch this)

Make sure you watch right until the end… featuring a small animal, a big plant, and tingly body parts:



Above all – don’t beat yourself up or buy into the belief that something is wrong with you or that you’re crazy for being emotional. It’s part of the package deal of being a woman, and it’s part of being a feeling person.

You’re sensual, empathic and amazing, and the depth of your feeling only adds to the shine of your beauty.


Lastly, I wanna add two more tips from my emotional mastery kit:

#1: The above 3 steps work wonders for just about any strong emotion. But when you’re really deeply stuck in self hatred or unworthiness, then EFT/tapping can also be incredibly effective.

#2: And if you want a powerful boost to step 3 from the video, then I can warmly recommend the Emotional Cleansing CD by Peruquois, as a very loving companion.

And now over to you:

Have you put these 3 steps of emotional mastery into practice? How has it shifted you life? Any other insights or gems of wisdom you want to share?


With love, always,


Ronja Venus


Emotions screenshot Ronja


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  1. Joni February 9, 2014 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    I studied my period (diary writing) for almost a year… What do I feel, what do i want, need, do, eat, crave, energylevel enz enz.
    Miranda Gray introduced me to this, she studied the menstrual cycle and how women can live empowered en optimum in tune with it. (check out her website!)
    So… the pms week is the most intense emotion week for me (and for most woman i guess…:P) Miranda gives advise on this in her writings.This is what works for me:

    Im a virgo so I like practical stuff:

    negative emotions:
    -fix things that don’t work in your life (from paperwork to computers to broken items to relationshipstuckness or steps in personal issues)
    -CREATIVITY! create!!! if i make art (dance, write, redecorate my house, graphic design; whatever) it becomes my grounding and fuel instead of monsters that eat me alive.
    – clean: same as fixing, cleaning outside is cleaning inside.
    (though this can also be a way of not allowing myself to be ok as i am, so have to feel if it is nice and healing, and when (becomes) neurose)
    – sex: enjoy the darkness; it can help me to surrender to my monsters and actually enjoy it as deep passion. works best with a lover :) (and he will love your deep surrender too ;P)
    -brag! be open about all i allowed myself not to feel because that was not spiritual blablabla whatever. some things suck, irritate me, frustrate me enz enz. just spill it out for an hour. sometimes i scream and shout into a pillow, sometimes i do it with friends (can be fun, make jokes about it and in between etc)
    -just be angry. just be a bitch in trafic.just say fuck it and…
    – leef je uit! do weird stuff out of controll. play football and scream. dance naked. show your breasts to the nightsky. just for fucking fun. do something rebellious and just enjoy it. don’t be a nice girl.
    – say fuck(it)
    -go shopping (watch out with this one :P) but it can help me to become reasonably thinking: i want this, i dont want this enz enz. normal thinking instead of emotions going nowwhere.

    so, in short: expression! (otherwise it implodes in unserving selfcritisism enz enz)
    i just have to make sure to be connected with my heart

    hope this wil help some woman out who are like porsches just like me :P

    and ronja, when you told me about this movie i was enthousiast, and it inspires me a lot. then you so much… i will try it out NOW! (feel somthing under the surface…;))

    and ps i love the end.
    we are also so simple… ohh a leaf. oohhh a cat. i can be like that to. nice to see you like that.


    • Ronja Andersson February 9, 2014 at 5:15 pm - Reply

      Thanks for sharing Joni! Oh yes, the moon cycle definitely also plays a BIG part. More about that in another blog post…

      Haha, and yes. Whenever I see a cat (live or on video) I just MELT. Like I said: “Little oxytocin factory” ;)

      Love and hugs to you! xxx

  2. Joni February 9, 2014 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    Small add: in the week before menstruation is also the autumn/all undealt with coming up/cleanse/sorting out as I feel/see it.
    So maybe if I learn to feel and allow more clear in the moment as it arises, I can have a lot more relaxed pms time :)

    Maybe Ronja her tips will work! :)

    Thanks again!!!

  3. Mirjam February 10, 2014 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    Love it Ronja!
    It seems to be a wisdom now finally spreading… Thanks for helping us all create ripples of selflove and pleasure into our own lives and of those around us. And we need LOADS of reminders to be present in the moment with what is and allow it to unfold.
    I love the freefall part. Great word! It makes me curious how you alow a freefall when you are amidst of, for example…an important meeting at work, on a party, family gathering, parenting-rush-hour.I imagine we can do little freefalls while being in the bathroom or make sure we arrange a weekly moment to do Dynamic Meditation or any type of freefall doorway so we can prevent the pressure overload. I am apart from letting go the resistance to an emotion also interested in learning how we can learn to let that (healing)process unfold just in miniseconds so that it doesnt have to disrupt our here and now responsabilities and connection.
    What an amazing journey! Looking forward to hear from you more.

    • Ronja Venus Andersson February 12, 2014 at 7:05 pm - Reply

      Hey Mirjam,
      All your ideas are great. Little freefalls, Dynamic Meditation (and AUM Meditation etc) is all fantastic.
      And to keep the flow open more or less continuously the key is really the breath.

      Notice when the breath stops in a moment of encountering emotions. Choose to let the breath flow fully and deeply, and then you stay open in a way that you can totally do in public! ;)

      Thanks for sharing!
      Ronja Venus Andersson recently posted..Raw Chocolate Lemon Mousse

      • Mirjam February 26, 2014 at 7:35 pm - Reply

        ♡Ah yeah….the breath!♡

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