The message from Mama Ayahuasca

The message from Mama Ayahuasca

Painting by Anton Kononov

A few months ago my beloved Roald wrote about his most recent experience on ayahuasca – a shamanic visionary plant brew from the Amazon.

He shared about his realizations and healing experiences in this intense three day retreat, where the container of love was big enough to hold both the brightest light and the deepest darkness.

This morning when I woke up I felt moved to share one of my biggest insights from that same retreat.

It’s massively profound as well as brilliantly simple.

And I believe that when this really ‘clicks in’ for enough of us… we will have discovered the key to ending most (if not all) conflicts, violence, unfulfillment, stress, boredom and depression on this earth.

It goes deeply hand in hand with the notion of oneness, but it is my experience that even for those who have come to the realization that we’re all one – and even if we ‘get it’ on a theoretical and sometimes experiential level – in day-to-day life it can get lost if we forget about this one very important key…

So. To begin…

It is the 18th of February. Day two of the Ayahuasca Spiritual Retreat in Holland. Last night after the first glass I had an intense clearing out and strong nausea. Today I already feel cleansed, more open. Ready – for whatever may come.

As I know about ayahuasca, drinking it can be both extremely wonderful and hugely confronting, angelic or frightening, orgasmic or muddy…

What people who have many experiences of drinking ayahuasca usually say, is that Mama Aya almost never gives you what you expect, certainly not what you want – but always, always, always what you need.

And in this moment after the second or third glass of this bitter brew, I found myself waiting for her to take me on a scary ride…

“This”, I kept on thinking “is when She is going to confront me with, and have me burn through, all my deepest fears”.

Especially because, the first time I drank Ayahuasca, I entered into a very intense five hour orgasm, followed by a number of hours outside of my body, spread out across the universe… So this time I figured: now I’ll get to experience all the scary stuff I didn’t have to deal with the first time.

But that moment never came.

Instead I felt myself carried deeper and deeper into a world of light, colors and love.

And what I kept on hearing Her say – again and again for it to really sink in – was this:

“Hey sweetheart, you’re doing really great. You’re on the right track. You’ve simply forgotten about the most important dimension of reality. You’ve lost sight of the fact that everything in life is sacred.”

She then went on to say: “Your job now is to bring back the sacredness in everything.

This is what I heard and felt repeated all through that day, like a persistently loving mother goddess. And it was true. I was doing really great work, but I had indeed lost touch with the feeling of sacredness.

I had started to get annoyed by parts of my work even though I had created it all myself. I’d started to take Roald for granted in different ways. I often felt that doing dishes was a waste of time. I failed to see my own greatness as well as that of others.

In hearing Her words I was stunned by the simplicity of the message. Perhaps you’re now also thinking “was that it??”…

But what I have found as I have taken this to heart and into my practice in the months that followed, is that the concept of ‘sacredness in everything’ is a gentle but powerful truth that has the power to transform just about any discord of any kind in any part of my (or anyone’s?) life.

So how do you do this exactly?


Painting by Anton Kononov

Llullon Llaki Supai by Pablo Amaringo

Ayahuasca vision



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  • The first key in relation to other people is to stop taking each other for granted. To recognize that we are sacred souls on a sacred journey and we have all come here to learn, grow, expand, connect, remember who we really are, and embody love in human form.
  • The second ‘sacredness key’ I wanna share with you came to me in a conversation that I had with my friend and ‘Queen of Conscious Kink’ Ruby May, just a few days ago at the Sexsibility Festival…Ruby mentioned Masaru Emoto’s experiments on how our thoughts and words affect the behavior and harmony of water crystals (if you don’t know about this yet, then definitely google it – quite amazing), and now she’s conducting her own experiment on how her body is affected by connecting on a deeper level with all water that she touches or takes into her body.She spends time by lakes, showers consciously, and every time she is about to drink a glass of water she silently or verbally expresses her love and gratitude to it before she takes the first sip. I’ve now started to do the same, and you’re welcome to join too! :)
  • The sacredness in sex: It’s not about getting anything, but about coming together in sacred union, melting physical boundaries, becoming channels and vessels for sexual energy to flow through and celebrate this joyous creative life force that runs through all of us.It’s about breathing and making love in a way so that we open more and more to feeling the divine in ourselves and our lover(s).
  • To dance, breathe, meditate, shake, connect with nature, or set a deeper intention before having sex can all strengthen your connection with the sacred dimension.
  • Presence in connection with other people: Eyegazing. Without distractions. Listening intently. Have the disposition that every person you meet has come into your life for a specific reason, with a special gift to give to you and receive from you.How can you be and act in a way that prepares the space for that gift to come through?
  • Sacredness in eating: When you prepare food or sit down to eat, take a moment to give thanks to all the different plants, people and elements that have acted together in harmony, so that you can eat and keep on living in your body.Be conscious of the way you bring food into your body, knowing that its most nutritious parts this will now become a part of your body!
  • Sacredness in every breath…Our breath is the way that our body and our cells are making love with the trees, and ultimately the entire the universe. In constant giving and receiving. In… out… giving… receiving… Breathe in… Breathe out…


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You might actually want to close your eyes for a moment right now and feel what is present in you. Can you sense the sacredness in yourself, in life, in everything around you?

And now… I would love to hear from you:

In what way do you feel the sacredness in your life? Are there certain things that bring you more in touch with it? Are there times when you forget, and where you could bring in more devotion, love and reverence? 

How are you feeling now, after reading this?

Share your comment below… 

As always, thank you so much for reading. I wish you a wonderful day…


Ronja Venus

Ronja Venus Andersson in Thailand


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