The Power of Miracle Consciousness (or, what to do when life gives you a crap cupcake)

The Power of Miracle Consciousness (or, what to do when life gives you a crap cupcake)

Has this ever happened to you?

You think everything is going great and then you suddenly lose your job.

You’ve almost finished the book proposal and then you harddrive crashes and everything is lost.

You think your relationship will last forever and your partner comes and tells you they want to break up.

(Or if you’re here at the Sanctuary in Thailand… You feel a deep longing for a dose of chocolate love and they’re completely out of Bliss Balls in the Tea Temple ;)

I’m sure all of us have had those experiences of sudden, unexpected loss, crappy things happening for no apparent reason, or just periods of lows when everything seems to fall apart.

I know I have. Both minor ones like unexpected breakups – and bigger and heavier examples that are too big to share in this blog post.

So what do you do when things don’t turn out the way you had hoped? Do you get pissed off with life and feel like quitting everything? Do you blame others? (“He/she/they should have done it differently”)

Do you blame yourself? (“I should have done it differently”)

Or, can you find that still place inside that knows that everything always works out for the best?

Everything. Always.

Introducing Miracle Consciousness…

Miracle Consciousness simply states that there are no mistakes in the universe.

That everything is divinely orchestrated.

Not by some outside force, but through a perfect co-creation of exactly what we need in each moment to learn, to grow, and move from fear to love.

It’s the perception of perfection in all, at all times.

That while we may not always get what we want, we always get what we need.

How many times has it happened to you that something seemingly negative happens in your life, and two years/a week/ten years later you see that if it hadn’t been for that “crappy” thing that happened, a subsequent stream of blessings also couldn’t have come to you?

I think pretty much everyone can relate to this. And if you can’t at this point, you’ll definitely start to see this in your life once you open you eyes to the magic of synchronicity.

Two examples (of many) from my life:

#1: September 2008 my boyfriend in London breaks up with me. And although I’m both shocked and sad, and spend the next couple of weeks crying and letting go, I have a feeling that something really wonderful is just about to happen.

So, I stay receptive and keep my heart open.

Within a month of the breakup I attend a tantra retreat where I meet an amazing man and dive into a relationship that is much deeper and more fulfilling than the previous one.

#2: January 2010 I’m performing Indian dance at Ängsbacka New Years Festival in Sweden. Very unexpectedly my macbook gets stolen.

Bye bye 5.000+ photos, all dance films I’ve recorded during my three years at a dance conservatoire in London, music mixes, the half-finished book I was writing, three years of diary and saved text messages and much more.

Basically everything in my life that was important for my career and the culmination of everything I had created thus far.

(Back-up, you say? Nu-uh. And yes, I know I “should have”.)

I decide to leave Sweden to go traveling…

… and long story short: if my mac hadn’t been stolen I wouldn’t have gone on the journey that in a very direct and freakishly synchronistic way led me to meeting Roald.

I now see it as one of the biggest turning points in my life.

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I could probably fill an entire novel with lists of stories like this, but it all comes down to this:

These kinds of things – something really bad turns out to be a blessing beyond words – have happened often enough that I’ve learned to expect this to always be true.

And although I definitely forget to remember this in moments, I’ve come to adopt an approach that goes like this:

While I can’t see the purpose of this now, and everything seems to be going wrong, I know and trust that if I could see the big picture, there would be no need to worry at all.

In other words, any time that I fail to see perfection in what happens – that is what I need to remember.


One key point:

The universe is always trying to shower us with gifts, but we have got to be open to receive.

In the example of my breakup: If I hadn’t stayed open for new possibilities, but wanted to go back into the old relationship (“We should still be together!”), then I wouldn’t have been on the frequency where I could actually let something even better in.

If you’re arguing with reality you’re blocking the stream of gifts that is trying to make its way to you. When you stay open for possibilities – life becomes pretty magical.

So all those people who trigger you, who push your buttons, who challenge your ability to forgive (yourself and others), and to choose love… = Gurus. Teachers. Angels.

Every single one of them. 

And every situation you’ve ever encountered… = Gifts. Opportunities. Perfection.

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Now over to you:

How has this been present in your own life? Do you recognize the experience of living in miracle consciousness?

What if you could play with the thought that there are no mistakes in the universe? How would that shift your perception of what’s happening in your life?

And do you have any examples of life giving you a crap cupcake, and then later you see that – not only did it happen for the best – it happened with almost laughable perfection?

Share it in a comment below. We’re ALL each other’s teachers.

Thanks for tuning in. You are amazing.

With love from me and my beloved man – at Day 2 of the Transformational Breath facilitator training at the Sanctuary in Thailand,


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  1. Marleen February 2, 2014 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    Very well said, I really enjoy your writing!
    I would like to add one miracle, and a tip to invite more wonders and synchronicity in:

    My latest synchronicity was that I missed my tram going home from a relaxing spa day. It was a very cold evening and I wondered why I had missed this tram. In the next tram, my question was answered quickly, for I found a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. Also I met another friend on my connecting train! These were exactly the people I’d been meaning to connect to again. So perfectly orchestrated.. Big gratitude for that one.

    Now for my tip:

    I like to keep a list of all the synchronicities that have happened to me. Every now and then I write them down and read through the list again. Preferably every week. Since starting the list, I’ve noticed the amount of miracles in my life increasing hugely. And I mean HUGELY! :-)
    Marleen recently posted..My Artwork

    • Ronja Andersson February 2, 2014 at 9:09 pm - Reply

      I love that Marleen! Great tip! And yes, what we focus on expands. Hugely.
      That’s such a powerful life lesson that it should be required knowledge for all human beings ;)
      Thanks for sharing…

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